Powder Coat Finishes

Powder coating is a professional finish applied electrostatically and cured under high heat,  forming a hard finish that is more durable than conventional paint.  To ensure the best result, each powder coated piece is sand blasted, air blasted and primed prior to the final finish coat.  This process removes mill scale and debris from the metal, preventing oxidation under the finish.  The oxidation process is the cause for rust and therefore high maintenance.  A powder coated finish is smooth, durable and long lasting.  Powder coat finishes include a variety of colors, glosses (from matte to high gloss), and textures.  Heritage Industries recommends powder coating on exterior products to ensure longevity.

Standard Powder Coat Colors:
Black - Super Durable Semi Gloss
Dark Bronze - Semi Gloss
White - Semi Gloss


Heritage uses Direct to Metal (DTM) paint, specifically formulated to be applied over metal surfaces. DTM paints form an extremely strong bond to metal surfaces, both ferrous and non-ferrous, galvanized metal and previously painted metal and other substrates.   Heritage follows SSPC specifications for surface preparation prior to applying the paint. This process includes sand blasting, pressure air blasting, and cleaning, ensuring optimal surface preparation to overcome oxidation and inhibit rust.  Heritage uses zinc-rich Pro-Industrial DTM, further protecting the metal from wear and corrosion.  DTM paint is designed to withstand harsh conditions and can be used for both interior and exterior applications.  Painting is done in our Blawnox facility.  The benefits of painting are better turn-around time and reduced cost to powder coating. 
Standard Paint Color:
Black - Direct to Metal Semi Gloss
Additional colors are available upon request.

Hand Finishes
Heritage Industries offers hand finishes for those clients who are looking to make a distinctive design statement.  Our finishes can be as simple as wax or clear coat paint on raw metal, and hand rubbed metallics, or as artfully detailed as decorative painting or gilding.  Client design meeting are scheduled to discuss finish goals and techniques.  Depending on level of skill or detail, samples can be produced for client approval.

Raw and Patina Finishes
Many customers request specialty finishes that don't require painting.  Depending on the metal, raw finishes can range from a very shiny and modern as with stainless steel, to deep rust tones found with Corten Steel.   Carbon steel is the most versatile and can be waxed or clear coated to seal the natural graphite tones or can be treated to naturally patina.  From industrial mill finishes, rustic iron, blackened, polished, brushed and hammered, the options for metal color and textures are endless.  Most carbon steel raw finishes are best suited for interior applications.  Understanding color and texture goals along with product end use will help us guide you in making a final metal and finish choice.
hand finish
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